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“There is nothing as graceful as Ageing”. Living with age is timeless; It’s a nature’s gift.

Dear Visitor,

In Indian context, once a person reaches 50 a different phase of his life begins. A life full of satisfaction or discontent, a life full of uncertainty or acuteness. Whatever it may be a person starts the second innings of his life or starts preparing for his second innings at this age. Nowadays, a lot of people at this age see their children and bank balance settled equally and that opens the window of opportunity: to think differently about the coming age.

I dreamt of my childhood, my dreams came true;
I treasured my adolescence, my fortunes were new;
I valued my maturity, My happiness always grew...

With modern day techniques, facilities like online banking; online shopping etc. has sprouted like anything and giving people more hope and enabling them to do more. But the question remains whom to trust.

Indian Government, after many years of debate finally declared the National Policy of the aged persons in January 1999. It was also proclaimed as the International Year of the senior Persons. This policy highlights the problems of rising old population and an urgent need to understand and deal with the medical, psychological and socio-economic problems faced by the elderly.

With this question in mind and serving the society as our motto a group of dedicated people started this venture called Second Innings. Here we present a list of handpicked services offered and trusted by millions in this changing face of the city. We will provide info based on personal and collective experience and give the users a platform to avail new services through this service.

This is a humble start for the citizens of Kolkata but we plan to spread our wings slowly. But we cannot achieve what we are aiming without your help and support. So please feel free to advice, suggest or simply comment about your experience about this information portal for the seniors.

With Regards,

Pradeepta Bhattacharya
Convenor, The Second Innings

Pradeepta Bhattacharya
The Second Innings
6, Waterloo Street, Kolkata 700 001
Phone: +91 98365 72161

The is registered under Indian Trust Act, 1882 as a Non-Profit Organization. Trust Deed No. 08635 of 2013. Date of Registration 11.12.2013

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