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Kolkata (Calcutta) : POLICE HELPLINES
POLICE (official web page) 100
Police: Lalbazar Control Room 2214 3230/3024
Traffic Control Room 2214 3644/5000/5096
Police Commissioner's Office 22256060
West Bengal Police 22215415, 22215486
CID (Criminal Investigation Dept.) 24792042
Kolkata Municipality (KMC) 1600333375
Calcutta Electric Supply (CESC) 2237 3161-64
Water 22441605, 25431602, 22443471, 24132232, 24402793
Gas leaks (LPG emergency service ) North/Central 2241 5363/5787/5579
South 2411 8718/3792
Telephone Office 2220 0877
Telephone Office - complaint Dial exchange code and 2198
All India Radio 22489131
G.P.O. 22201451,22105899
Doordarshan Kendra 24737441
Custom's Office (Strand Rd) 2220-4331
Passport Office 22554893,2 2554762, 22254084
Removal of dead animals 22445112
Governor (Shri M.K.Narayanan ) 22001641, 22210707
Chief Minister of West Bengal
(Mamata Banerjee)
22145555(o), : 22145588(o),FAX 22145480
Office of Chief Secretary 2214 5858, E-mail :

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