Introduction to the Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Tips

Living a long, healthy life depends largely on what you put into your body over your lifetime. You can make simple changes that will help you develop healthy eating habits.


How to Use These Healthy Eating Tips

Browse through these tips and select 2 or 3 that you think will work for you. Write each on a card and it near your food as a reminder. Putting a card in the silverware drawer, in the napkin holder or on your place mat can be great places to remind yourself. Try the tip. If you like it, keep using it until it becomes a habit. If you don’t like it, pick another one.

Treat it like an experiment where you can learn about yourself and your habits. Don’t get discouraged — keep trying.

Below are the tips broken down by category. Use this list or browse until you find something you like:

How You Eat

These tips focus on your eating behaviors and habits like speed, cleaning your plate and more:

Slow Down Your Eating

Watch Your Liquids

Chew More to Feel Full

Don’t Drink and Eat

No Clean Plate

Count When Snacking

Mind Over Food

These tips look at ways you can use your mind to out-smart your stomach:

Food Thoughts Make You Hungry

Expect Unhealthy Food to Taste Bad

Avoid Using Food as Reward, Punishment, or Comfort

Control Food Decisions

Don’t Diet: Change

Set a Pause Point for Cravings

Stop When You Are No Longer Hungry

Confuse Your Nose

Serving and Storage

These tips use your dishes, storage containers and pantry as your allies in eating less:

Move Your Food Around to Remind You About Your Goals

New Plate or Glass

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