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The names of Doctors, Health care providers, care givers and other experts/professionals/organizations/service providers in the relevant arena have been collected from various sources in good faith and included in the website as a matter of information only. The website does not certify or vouch for the qualification, quality of professional competence, integrity, quality of service etc of such Doctors/Health Care Providers / Care Givers / Professional/experts /organizations/Service Providers etc. The viewers/readers of the website is once again requested to make his/her own due diligence before obtaining any service from them.


Dr.Rabin Chakraborty
(Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist),Regional Director & Head
Associated with Apollo Gleneagles Hospital,Kolkata,
For Appointment Contact: Mr. Animesh Dey +91 98363 70453 /9804000214

Chamber at
BE 407, Sector I, Salt Lake (9am onwards)
Phone: 23583399

Email: ,

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist (Heart Attack Specialist)
For Appointment Contact: 98300 32958/9831654444/98300 70337(EMG)

Email :

Dr Debashis Basu
In-charge, Apollo Gleneagles Heart Clinic
48/1 F, Leela Roy Sa rani
Kolkata 700019

Dr Aftab Khan
Apollo Gleneagles Hospital
Canal Circular Road,
Kolkata 700054
Mobile: 9831257844/9830777901
Phone no: 23203040
Dr lndranil Dutta
BP Poddar/NG Medical
Phone no:24226605/9831066058
Dr Dhiman Kahali
37, Purnadas Road, Kolkata 700025
Dr Manoj Saha
Allenby Road, Kolkata 700020
Phone no: 23374046
Dr Shambhunath Mukherjee
Manikpur, Harinavar, Kolkata 700184
Phone no: 24779716
Dr Debashish Mitra
(R.N. Tagore Hospital)
HA-304, Salt Lake Sector 3,
Kolkata 700097
Mobile: 9830026787/9831954520
Dr Udayan Sen
W2C (R1) 5/4 Phase V, Golf Green,
Kolkata 700029
Phone no: 24737827
Dr Debashis Mukherjee
Kamarhati ESi Hospital
92 A, Unique Park, Behala,
Kolkata 700034
Phone no: 24041604/25941476
Dr Dilip Kumar Majumdar
58 B, Hindustan Park,
Kolkata 700029
Mobile: 9830569186/24611909
Dr Ajoy Sarkar
Peerless Hospital
4/33 Fern Road. Gariahat
Phone no: 2461 0700
Mobile: 9830006644
Dr Amit Kr Karmakar
P.G. Hospital ( Special work)
Phone no: 2241 0911
Mobile: 9433063516/9830027727
Dr Amit Kr Poddar
Phone no:23371101
Mobile: 9432131 002
Dr Anirban Sarkar
Mobile: 9830126579
Mira Polyclinic ( Mon- Thu) | Mob: 9339775205
Aastha Polyclinic , Sinthi More ( Tues-Fri) |
Mob: 9007760911
Dr Atin Dey
R. G. Kar Hospital
Chamber at Uttarpara
Phone no: 26640101
Mobile: 9432581949
Dr. Bablu Sore
Phone no: 03512-252265
Dr Bimal Sarkar
Khanna Cinema, Opposite Ghosh Medical
Phone no: 03512253729
Dr Bisad Sindhu Bala
Niramoy Chest Clinic, Rabindra Sadan
Phone no: 25662536
Mobile: 9830318406

Dr Biswanath Chakraborty
28/1 Convent Road,
Mon to Friday (10-2 pm)
Phone no: 22847705
Mobile: 9831111608

Dr Buddhadeb Dasgupta
Doctor at CMC
Chanber at Loudon Street , 2-4pm
Ruby General Hospital only on Monday
Mobile: 9830063516
Dr Debasish Banerjee
Andul, Howrah
Phone: 26791938

Dr Dhiman Ganguly
Phone no: 23709750
Mobile: 92301513349/9230513349

Dr Dhrubajyoti Roy
Columbia Asia Hospital, Salt Lake
Phone no: 23590802
Mobile: 9831 002002
Dr Dilip Das
Mediclu Polyclinic
Also at Kothari Hospital (Thursday/Friday)
Phone no: 2485003
Mobile: 9433070970
Dr Hrishikes Chakraborty
Phone no: 23374749
Dr. Amit Biswas
Rashbehari Avenu, New Swasrtik Clinic

Dr Parthasarathi Bhattacharjee
CD, Block, Salt Lake,
By Appointment Only
Phone no: 23215152

Dr Satish Gupta
Mobile: 9830047546
Dr Rupak Ghosh
Phone no: 23370775
Dr Subashish Ghosh
Phone no: 24408987
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Dr Abhijit Mahata
Smile and Profiles
Phone no: 23232333/23213167

Dr Ardhendu Banerjee
Phone no: 26886088
Mobile: 9433194043
Dr Ashis Das
Dental Hospital ( 9:30pm - 2:00pm)
Phone no: 255101 1 1
Mobile: 983031 1 852
Dr Chang Wen Yao
Phone no: 22727093

Dr Pradip Roy
Siliguri Hospital,
Phone no: 2441 761 5
Mobile: 98305761 54

Dr Partha Bose
26781432/22374549/ 9830009332
Dr Sunit Kumar Rana
P29 CIT Road, Near beliaghata Police station
Phone no: 25710846
Mobile: 9831 034098
Dr. AmitRoy
Mobile: 9830177646/9836786460 ( For appointment for Juniors)
For Seniors 24749165
Dr Anirban Sengupta
Salt Lake Dental Foundation
Phone no: 233431 84
Mobile: 9836247991 /9830i1 6701
Dr Ashok Gupta and Arun Gupta
Kankurgachi, P22 CIT Road,
Opposite Manicktala Fire Station
Phone no: 23649706
Mobile: 9836355767
Dr Gautam Mukherjee
Phone no: 2241 1 564
Mobile: 9830018986
Dr Ashim Deb Roy
Phone no: 23629172
Dr Bikash Sarkar
Phone no: 0348 2251731
Dr Jahar Roy
Phone no:26590455
Dr Himadri Roy Choudhury
Phone no: 23346662
Mobile: 9830078845
Dr Kamal Nath
24302728 /9830262545
Dr PVR Deepak
Phone no: 26721492
Mobile: 9830015122
Dr Nirup Banerjee
Phone no: 24653243
Mobile: 983021 6039
Dr Tushar Deb
Mobile: 9804158098
Dr Rupa Bagchi
Mobile: 8902268981
Dr Madhumita Bhattacharya
ESI Hospital, Budge Budge,
Phone no: 24801400
Mobile: 9830432646

Dr Subrata Chatterjee
Mon-Fri 5:30pm - 7:30pm
P599, Keyatala Road, Go I park,
Kolkata 700029
Phone no: 24641 086/9830028878
Dr Goutom Khastagir
36 B, Elgin Road,
Kolkata 700020
Phone no: 24862424/9830067589
Dr Kartick Chandra Dey
39, Bangur Avenue, Kolkata 700055
Call 4-6pm
Phone no: 25746551/9331026684
Dr Abha Sarkar
BJ 57, Salt Lake,Sector-2,
Kolkata 700091
Phone no: 23372058
Dr Abinash Roy
1 17 Lake Town, Block B, Floor 3B,
Kolkata 700089
Phone no: 2521 6804
Mobile: 9433094676
Dr Amlya Mukherjee
CD-1 62,Salt Lake,Kolkata 700064
Phone no: 23370967
Dr Hiralal Konar
CD-55,Salt Lake, Kolkata 700064
Phone no: 23378921/22847950
Dr Gopa Mukhopadhyay
3C,Nalin Sarkar Street,
Kolkata 700031
Phone no: 25555511/6227
Dr.Pranab Dasgupta
Contact  nos. 033-6622-8000/2465-4595/94/4948.
Dr Ranjit Chakraborty
1 57, Sarat Bose Road,
Kolkata 700021
Mon-Friday 6-9pm
Phone no; 24659273 | Mobile: 9830014770
Dr Rajeev Agarwal
9am -5pm
211 BMahendra Rd, Bhawanipur,
Kolkata 700025
Phone no: 24545657
Dr Sanjay Biswas
Ruby Hospital, VIP Bazaar, Good health Clinic
Bidhen Polyclinic, Govt Hsg,
Opp. Linton Post Office.,
Kolkata 700014
Phone no: 65402483
Mobile: 9830140782
Dr PK Dey
9, Bellevue Clinic, Loudon Street,
Kolkata 700017
Mobile: 9433045055
Dr Kusagradhl Ghosh
73, Nr Bhawani Bhawan, Baker Rd,
Kolkata 700027
Mobile: 9831 0486 76
Dr Shamlta Ghosal
1 1, Nr Bhawani Bhawan, Middleton Row.
Kolkata 700071

Dr Pushan Kundu
AMRi Salt Lake, West Bank Howrah Hospital
6-8pm Tesday and Friday
AC 210, Prantik,
Opp. AC Market, Salt l-ake City
Phone no: 23340129
Mobile: 98301751 85'

Dr Nazura Rizvi
P-6, Suhrawardhy Avenue, Park Circus,
Kolkata 700017
Mobile: 9831 084984
Dr SR Mitra
40/1 Nr Belgachia Rly Gate No. 2, old Nimta
Rd-Rani Park, Bat Tala, Kolkata 700056
Mobile: 9831291566
Dr Dibyendu Banerjee
Cl 209, Sec II, Salt Lake City, Sech Bhawan,
Kolkata 700091
Phone no: 23214896
Dr Anil Dutta Gupta
AC-77,Salt Lake, Kolkata 700064
Phone no: 23372482/2414
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Dr Ashis Mukherjee
Kolkata 700054
Dr Rathlndra Nath Dutta
School ofTropical Medicine,
Kolkata 700073
Dr Sadhan Chandra Ray
25, Cluster , 6, Purbachal Housing Estate,
Near Tank No. 13/
Purbachal Post Office, Salt Lake City,
Kolkata 700097
Mobile: 9830045577 / Phone no: 23356871
Dr Ramesh Shashadrl
58, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital
Canal Circular Road
Mobile: 9831257836/9331904903
Dr Soura Mookherjee
2/ 1,Taniya Apartments Garia Place Road
Kolkata 700084
Phone no: 24285365
Mobile: 94341 73238
Dr Kanti Bhushan Bakshi
6A, near BegBagan More,
AJC Bose Road
Kolkata 700017
Phone no: 22906666
Mobile: 9830224227
5/1 Hungerford Street Kolkata 700017
Phone no: 2287051 7/24612626
Dr Abhijit Chatterjee
123-A, Rashbehari Avenue,
Kolkata 700029.
Phone no: 24750334, 24640230
Dr Durgadas Chanda
Park View Clinic
25-A Lansdowne Terrace,
Kolkata 700029
Phone no: 24753030
Mobile: 9831001929
Dr Auroblndo Mukherjee
Kothari National Library Avenue,
New Alipore, Kolkata 700053.
Phone no: 22827969
Dr Amltava Pal
Dr Amitava Bhattacharjee
Phone no: 23594353
Mobile: 933976827
Dr Gautam Basu
Phone no: 23707535/23714172
Mobile: 9830246848
Dr Chandan Sen
Phone no: 24404209
Dr. Hena Basu
Phone no:26621915
Mobile: 9432331915
Dr Jyotl Sankar Lahiri
Phone no: 26521073
Dr Bibekananda Malty
1/6 Rupchand Mukherjee Ln,
Kolkata 700025.
Mobile: 983016584
Phone no:24844814
Dr Nrlpen Bhowmlck
8/5, Alipore Road,
Kolkata 700027.
Mobile: 9831015565
Dr lndrajit Roy
16 A, Nandan Rd, Bhowanipur,
Kolkata 700025.
Phone no: 22422606/22423573
Dr Soumltra Ray
Calcutta Med. Research Institute,
7/2, Diamond Harbour Rd,
Kolkata 700027
Mobile: 9830264837
Dr Rajat Dutta
9, UN Brahmachari Street
Kolkata 700017
Dr Khurshld Alam
Phone no: 22470607
Dr Lily Majumdar
Phone no: 24037804
Dr Phalguni Roy Chowdhury
Phone no: 24737516
Dr Prabir Saha
Phone no: 24338613
Dr Pradyut Mitra
Phone no: 23347685/23218683
Dr Rltabrata Chatterjee
Mobile: 9434220490
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Dr Sandipan Dhar
AMRI Dhakuri, Wednesday (11-1:30am)
Phone no: 24862363
Mobile: 9830094314
Dr Bijoy Roy Chowdhury
Ruby Hospital, Also at Netaji Nagar (Tiollyginj)
Phone no: 24710120
Dr Chanchal Bhar
Mobile: 9830851486/9830221486
Dr Vivek Majumdar
Moulali (5 to 7pm)
Brindaban Garden, Topsia
Phone no: 23294793
Mobile: 9331194793
Dr. AlokRoy
Phone no: 23590074
Dr Arun Sarkar
Phone no: 26746819
Mobile: 9433821942
Dr Asraf Ahmed
Phone no: 22844797/1517 I
Mobile: 9330266778
Dr Biswajit Banerjee
Phone no: 22847826
Mobile: 9830456523
Dr Goutam Banerji
Scholl of tropical Medicine
Mobile: 9830161538/23556190
Dr Nirmalya Bhattacharya
Phone no: 22416063
Mobile: 9830282694
1) Dr. Subhra Bhattacharya - MBBS, PGD in Dermatology
2) Dr. Sandipan Dhar - MD, DNB.
3) Prof. S.R.Sengupta - MBBS, DDV, MD.
4) Dr. Bandana Ganguly - MD, Dermatology.
5) Mr. Rajib Malakar - MD, Dermatology, Venereology, Leprosy.
Contact  nos. 033-6622-8000/2465-4595/94/4948.
Dr Pradlp Chakraborty
Lake Town: 10am - 1:30pm
Also at Moulali
Phone no: 25746500
Mobile: 983021 0460
Dr Sankar Dey
Chinsura Hospital
Phone no: 26803311
Mobile: 9433180854
Dr Uma Agarwal
Dr An up Kr. Moitra
Phone no: 24322210
Mobile: 9433453337
Dr Manas Kr. Biswas
Phone no: 03222261503
Mobile: 9831726296
Dr Nitln Mukherjee
Phone no: 25747101/9433007101

Dr San jay K Shah
Mobile: 9830051595s
Dr. SubhankarChowdhury
P.G. Hospital
Mobile: 9831076501/24404260 (7pm - 9pm)
Dr Abhijit Chanda
Phone no: 24543482
Mobile: 980059952
Dr Asis Kr Basu
Phone no: 25378170
Mobile: 9830059952
Dr. J.J. Mukherjee
Apollo Hospital
Phone 23203040/2122
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Dr. Dilip Todi
Ballygunge , Kolkata
Phone: (033) 22809921
Address: 24A, Broad Street, Ballygunge, Kolkata- 700019, West Bengal
Landmark: Near Repose Nursing Home
Dr. Kingshuk Dhar
Shyambazar , Kolkata
Phone: (033) 25557391, (033) 65365154
Mobile: 9831044913,
Address: 13,A- Block, Mahendra Bose Lane, Five Point Crossing, Shyam Bazar North, Shyambazar, Kolkata- 700003, West Bengal
Landmark: Near Ma Durga Medical Centre
Dr. Avijit Bhowmick
Acharya Profulla Chandra Road , Kolkata
Phone: (033) 23502423
Address: 104-B, Acharya Profulla Chandra Road, Kolkata- 700009, West Bengal
Landmark: Near Ram Mohan Library Hall
Dr. Jayanta Dasgupta
Ashok Road , Kolkata
Phone: (033) 24621127, (033) 24135726
Address: 313, Ashok Road, Kolkata- 700084, West Bengal
Landmark: Near Mahendra High School
Dr. Ashish Kumar Saha
Lake Town , Kolkata
Category: Doctor
Phone: (033) 25346157
Address: P-5, B-Block, Lake Town, Kolkata- 700089, West Bengal
Landmark: Near Lake View Nursing Home
Dr. Damodar Prasad Lal
Burrabazar , Kolkata
Category: Doctor
Phone: (033) 22691100, (033) 25346464
Mobile: 9830056101,
Address: 5, Burrabazar, Kolkata- 700089, West Bengal
Landmark: Near Standard English High School
Dr. Mihir Bhattacharya
Bidhan Nagar (Salt Lake) , Kolkata
Phone: (033) 23589922
Address: Block-AA218, Sector-1, Bidhan Nagar (Salt Lake), Kolkata- 700064, West Bengal
Landmark: Near PNB Bus Stop
Dr. Karmabir Chakraborty
Sarat Bose Road , Kolkata
Phone: (033) 24656055
Address: 201, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata- 700029, West Bengal
Landmark: Opposite Canara Bank
Dr. Satya Priya Dey Sarkar
Patipukur , Kolkata
Phone: (033) 25344670, (033) 22447948
Mobile: 9830028535
Address: 270, S. K Deb Road, Patipukur, Kolkata- 700048, West Bengal
Landmark: Near 3 Number Pallishree School
Dr. Debendra Nath Guha Mazumdar
New Alipore , Kolkata
Phone: (033) 24787493, (033) 24688049
Address: 37/C, Block-B, New Alipore, Kolkata- 700053, West Bengal
Landmark: Near Taratala Crossing
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Dr Ramanuj Sinha
Phone no: 23358665/9522
Dr Dulal Basu
72, Kansaria Para, Kol:25
Rotary, Nightangle
Phone no:24552225/5344
Mobile: 9830106506
Dr. Arup Kumar Barman
Address: 33, Bipin Behari Ganguli Street ,
Kolkata - 700 012,
+(91)-(33) 2863 2515, 2236 8663
Dr Abu Swaleh
Phone no: 22876321
Mobile: 9831038464/22846128
Dr Debashish Mukherjee
Phone no: 24041604
Mobile: 9830048506
Dr Deb Ratan Nandi
Phone no: 24541752/24552804
Mc;>bile: 9830261889
Dr Sreekumar Chatterjee
Phone no: 25549462
Mobile: 9831 032421/983067 41 02
Dr Sumlt Basu
Phone no: 25545939
Mobile: 9433421668
Dr Shantanu Banerjee
Phone no: 24227013
Mobile: 9831 010914
Dr Joy Nath Gupta
41, Elgin Road, 4-6pm
Phone no: 24618252/24746727
Dr Prasanta Kr. Basu
Phone no: 22804764/22872465
Dr Purnendu Blkash Roy
Phone no: 24692358
Mobile: 9830218042
Dr Ramanuj Sinha
Phone no: 23358665/23359522
Dr Ranjan Pal
Phone no: 24425318
Mobile: 9433098852
Dr Susmita Ghosh
Mobile: 9433070207
Dr Gautam Guha
Personal Chamber, Sinthi More
Mobile: 9830050145
Dr Debashis Dutta
Mobile: 830801042
Dr Tridip Roychowdhury
DKD Memorial Medical Centre
4K Ballygunj Station Road. Kol-19
Phone no: 24181690
Mobile: 9830326310
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Dr Nandini Roy
Phone no: 24544973/74/
Mobile: 9830044601
Dr Ashlm Kr. Dey
Phone no: 24779766
Mobile: 9433203216
Dr Himadri Dutta
Medical College and Lake Market
Phone no:24640263/24638864
Mobile: 9830127929
Dr Abhljlt Sen
Phone no: 24831900/24736828
Phone no: 23590411
Mobile: 9830030397
Dr Asit Baran Saha
Phone no: 26621917
Mobile: 94332291 OS
Dr Asit Kr Chatterjee
Phone no: 266221 08/2603
Dr Asit Ranjan Banerjee
Phone no: 24717365
Dr Bhaskar Dey
Phone no: 0343-2535860
Dr Biplab Saha
Mobile: 9433141723
Dr Koushik Patra
Mobile: 9433240306
Dr Bitendra Kr Baidya
40,Raj Mohan Road,
Phone no: 26637335
Dr Mousumi Banerjee
Mobile: 9474172851
Dr Narayan Ch. Ghosh
Phone no: 25423257
Dr Prasenjit Maiti
Mobile: 9831 044795
Dr Ramendra Nath Basu
Phone no: 24171842
Dr Ramendra Lal Saha
Phone no: 23500431
Dr. Tapan Das
Mobile: 9830418132
Dr Suven Bhattacharjee
Mobile: 9830060348
Dr Suparna Sinha
Phone no: 24071819
Mobile: 9831105441
Dr Barun Oatta
75/1,Biplabi U Dutta Road (Bagha Jatin),
Kolkata 700086
Phone no: 242522842
Dr Bitendra Kr Baidya
40,Raj Mohan Road, Kolkata 712258
Phone no: 26637335
Dr Chandrlma Paul
F47 /3,Karunamoyee Sec II,
Salt Lake,
Kolkata 700091
Phone no: 23590411/23538376
Dr OP Agarwal
6, lansdowne Eye Centre,
Near Elgin Road Crossing,
Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata 700020
Mobile: 9331029198
Dr Chandrima Paul
F47 /3,Karunamoyee Sec II, Salt Lake,
Phone no: 2359041 1
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Dr Anupam Dasgupta
Opp. Trangular Park,
30-A,Aswini Dutta Road,
10 to 11:30am and 4-6pm
Kolkata 700029
Phone: 24642728
Dr Pahari Ghosh
1 H, Gariahat Road,
Kolkata 700076.
Phone: 24729343
Dr. Abhijit Chatterjee
CMRI, woodland, AMRI Salt Lake
60, Motilal Nehru Road, Lansdown Road, Kolkata- 700029,
Landmark: Near Mother Dairy Depot
Phone: (033) 24750334
Dr. Arijit Roy
Bangur Institute of Neuorology
Also at : BCD Medicare (Behala Chowrasta)
31/1-A, Pathak Para Road, Behala, Kolkata- 700060,
Landmark: Near Vidyasagar Hospital
Phone: (033) 24060015
Dr. S. K Biswas
Belview Nursing Homes
201, Sarat Bose Road,
Kolkata- 700029
Landmark: Near Marcopolo Restaurant
Phone: (033) 24665403
Dr. Trishit Roy
(Apollo Hospital, North City Hospitalss)
Block-AJ234, Sector-2, Bidhan Nagar (Salt Lake), Kolkata- 700091
Landmark: Near 7 Number Water Tank
Phone: 23597010
Also at Free School Street
Phone: 22178080
Dr. B. C Mohanty
66, Born Field Row, Mominpur,
Kolkata- 700023
Landmark: Near Mominpur Crossing
Phone: (033) 24486435
Dr. Indrajit Roy
18, U. N Brahmachari Street, Minto Park, Kolkata- 700017, West Bengal
Landmark: Near Minto Park Bus Stop
Phone: (033) 24553798, (033) 22423573
Dr. Dibanker Jana
5, Debaprasad Row, Suri Lane, Entally, Kolkata- 700014
Landmark: Opposite Nil Ratan Sarkar Hospital
Dr. Anirban Biswas
1A, Raja Subodh Chandra Mullick Square, Kolkata- 700013, West Bengal
Landmark: Opposite Hind Cinema
Phone: (033) 22370023, (033) 22252555
Dr. Subrata Mallick
Address: 100, Graham Road, Kolkata- 700040, Landmark: Near HDFC Bank
Phone: (033) 24117661
Dr. Ashish Chakraborty
79A, Harish Chatterjee Street, Bhawanipur,
Kolkata- 700025
Landmark: Near Harish Park
Phone: (033) 24555785, (033) 24548309
Dr. Amitabh Kishor Dwivedi
Barrackpore Trunk Road, Bon Hoogly, Kolkata- 700090, West Bengal
Landmark: Near Dunlop Bridge
Mobile: 9903223005

1) Prof. (Dr.) R.P.Sengupta - M.Sc., FRCS, FRCS (Edin), FNASc (Ind)
2) Dr.Christopher Gerber - FRCS (Neurosurgery) 
3) Dr.Navneet Kumar Singh - MS, M.Ch (Neurosurgery)
4) Dr. Venugopal G - MS, M.Ch (Neurosurgery)

All attached to Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata.
Phone : 033-2286-9999/7094/95, 4030-9999


1) Dr. Hrishikesh Kumar - MD, DM, DCN (UCL, London), Fellowship in Movement Disorder (NHNN, Queen Square, Londan & UWO, Canada), Special interest in Parkinson's disease, Movement disorders, Botox injection & DBS.
2) Dr. Ashis Datta - MD, DM, Special interest in Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke.
3) Dr. Shobhana A - MD (General Medicine), IDCCM, Special Interest in Stroke, Medicine & Critical care).
4) Dr. Sumitava Samanta - MD, DM.
5) Dr. Tridib Chowdhury - MD, DM.
6) Dr. Abhijit Das - MD (PGI, Chandigarh), DM (Neurology-SCTIMST), Fellowship in Neurorehabilitation Kessler Foundation, NJ, USA.
7) Dr. T.K.Banerjee - MD, FRCP (London) FAAN, Visiting Consultant.

All attached to Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata.
Phone : 033-2286-9999/7094/95, 4030-9999


1) Dr.Alakananda Dutt - MD(Paychiatry) PGIMER Chandigarh), Special interest in General Psychiatry, Parkinson's disease and other aspects of Neuropsychiatry.
2) Dr. Muktananda Kundu - MD (Psychiatru), FIPS, FTAPP, Visiting Consultant.
All attached to Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata.
Phone : 033-2286-9999/7094/95, 4030-9999


1) Prof. (Dr.) Bibhukalyani Das - MD (Anaesthesia), Special interest in Neuro-Anaesthesia, Pain Medicine & Critical Care.
2) Dr. Chinmoy Roy - MD, FIPP (WIP-USA), Special interest in Pain Medicine.

All attached to Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata.
Phone : 033-2286-9999/7094/95, 4030-9999


Dr. Arghya Majumder - MD, DNB, MRCP.
Contact  nos. 033-6622-8000/2465-4595/94/4948.

Dr. Pratik Das, R.N. Tagore :9830088342
Dr. Avijit Tarafdar:9433390835
Dr. Arup Dutta 24221939/24633320
Dr. Bijon Bhattacharyya: 24260949/23629338
Dr. Murali Dhar Raibaghi : 24530214/9830007618

1) Ms. T.K.Banerjee - MD, FRCP (Lond) FAAN, Consultant Neurologist.
Contact  nos. 033-6622-8000/2465-4595/94/4948.

Dr. Rajib Samanta - FRCPH (UK), MRCP (UK), DCH (UK), CCST (UK), Trained in Children Hospital, Great Ormond Street, London, Special interest in Choldhood  Epilepsy and Development Disorders.

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Dr Arijit Dutta Chowdhury
224B, H N Polyclinic & Diagnostic Centre, A P C Road, Shyambazar, Kolkata  (1st Floor of tital Showroom)
Phone: 9836268960

Mon Psychiatric Nursing Home,
VIP Rd,Kaikhali, Nr Haldirams Pure Food, Kolkata Airport (Dumdum),
Kolkata Clinic,
Known for Psychometric Test, Psychological Assessment

Dr. Kanika Mitra
Opp. Birla Mandir
Circus Avenue , Kolkata
3A, Albert Road, Circus Avenue,
Phone:  (033) 22872839

Prof. Dr. Asit Baran Ghosh
Past President, All India Psychiatric Society and SAARC Psychiatric Foundation
Phone: 03323218159/9830045425

Dr. K. K Ghosh
HA253, Salt Lake,
Kolkata- 700097
Landmark:  Near Tank Number 13
Phone:  (033) 23370293/9433060027 (10am - 12nonn)

Dr. Soma Sinha
Address:   6B, Gour Mohan Ghosh Road, Bhawanipur,
Kolkata- 700025
Landmark:  Near Ladies Park
Mobile:  9331828316

Dr. P. B Biswas
1, Block-EE17,Sector-2, Salt Lake,
Kolkata- 700091
Landmark:  Near Khalpul Petrol Pump
Phone:  (033) 23586482

Dr. Debashis Roy
1050/2, Survey Park, Santoshpur,
Kolkata- 700075
Landmark:  Near Peerless Hospital
Phone:  (033) 24169192, (033) 24169294
Mobile:  9830048567

Dr. Srilekha Biswas
 DJ-78, Sector-2, Salt Lake,
Kolkata- 700091
Landmark:  Near Bank Of Baroda
Phone:  (033) 23348607

Dr. Kunal Ranjan Dhar
5, Susama Appartment, Block-GC220,
Bidhan Nagar,
Landmark:  Near Punjab National Bank
Phone:  (033) 23370810

Dr. Tirthankar Dasgupta
Nabapally Circular Road, Gupta Colony, Nabapally, Kolkata- 700126,
Landmark:  Near Moner Alo Clinic
Mobile:  9051503332

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Agarwal
2/5, Sukh Sagar Building, Ground Floor
Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani
Kolkata- 700020
Landmark:  Near Central Plaza
Also at, Sarat Bose Road (Mon - Fri 5pm-7pm)
Phone:  (033) 24858507, (033) 24858508

Dr. Biswaran Chattopadhay
227A, Rash Behari Avenue, Ballygunge, Kolkata- 700019,
Landmark:  Near PC Sarkar's House
Phone:  (033) 24408275
Mobile:  9433066516

Dr. Sharmistha Chakrabarty
Block-CF315, Salt Lake,
Kolkata- 700064
Landmark:  Near Salt Lake Swiming Pool
Mobile:  9831270034

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Physiotherapist/ PhySIOTHERAPY CENTER
Ms Sayantani Das(Mukherjee),
Yoga therapist, Physiotherapist and Message Therapist, Home service Available(female patients only)
30/A,Roy Nagar,Bansdroni, Natun Bazar, Kolkata 700070.  

Ph- 8961462054.
Mr Suman Das
Yoga therapist, Physiotherapist and Message Therapist, Home service Available(male patients only)
30/A Roy Nagar,Bansdroni, Natun Bazar,Kolkata 7000070.

Dr. Hironmoy Sil
(Woodland, Bellview)
Near Kalamandir, Shakespeare Sarani, Circus Avenue, Kolkata - 700017
Also at P345, CIT Road, Phoolbagan (8-11am)
Phone: 983003686339

Yoga Care Centres
Near N R S Hospital, Moulali, Santosh Mitra Square, Entally, Kolkata - 700014
Phone: (033) 66037215

Physical Rehab Centre
60 A, Near Badamtala, Sarsuna Main Road, Sarsuna, Kolkata - 700061
Phone: (033) 66343192

Seba Centre
2/59, Vivekananda Tirtha Complex, Near Halim Shop, Ramkrishna Mission Gate, Narendrapur
Kolkata - 700103
Phone:(033) 66346974

Dr Dipak Krishna Sikder
Near Jagatpur Market, New Adarsha Pally, Baguihati, Kolkata - 700059
Phone:(033) 66343228
Dr. Shobha Sen (4pm - 5pm)
71, Nr Sreerampur Kalyan Samiti Club, North Sreerampur Road, Garia, Kolkata - 700084
Phone: (033) 66343555
Yoga & Physiotherapy
BE-85, kestopur, Rabindra pally, Prafulla Kanan, Kolkata - 700101
Phone:(033) 44136556
South Citicare
23b/40/1a,Block B, New Alipur, Kolkata - 700053
Phone:(033) 44502899
Health Mission
Boral Gitanjali Park, Near Boral Telephone Exchange, Boral, Boral, Kolkata - 700154
Phone:(033) 44504413/
4450 4419
Sujok Therapy Centre
P-231,Block-B,Laketown, Opp.VIP Sweets, Laketown, Kolkata - 700089
Phone:(033) 44505151
Siddheswari Physiotherapy & Yoga Centre
204/1, Near Colony Bazar, Picnic Garden Road, Tiljala, Kolkata - 700039
Phone:(033) 44504419
Deep Probeen Porisheba
En 62/Sector 5, Nr Infinity Building, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City-Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata - 700064
Phone:(033) 40016189, 9836613340
Dr Aiman Afandi
9, Near Triangular Park, Ripon Street, Park Street, Kolkata - 700016
Phone:(033) 66347328
Anshuman Dutta
33, Opposite Of Rani Birla College, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata - 700017
Phone:(033) 66341468
Prosanta Kumar Das
19j-16, Near Scottish Church School, Goabagan Street, Beadon Street,
Kolkata - 700006
Phone:(033) 66246085

Prachin Yog & Physiotherapy Research
F/T-3, Near-Jyangra Battala, Mahamaya Sarani, Baguihati, Kolkata - 700059
Phone:(033) 66245334

Saugata Sen
13 A, Megho Mala School, Royed Park, Unique Park-Behala, Kolkata - 700034
Phone:(033) 44505705
Mrs Sharmistha Mukherjee
Usha Bazar, Near Baguiati Jora Mandir Crossing, Rajarhat Road, Deshbandhunagar, Kolkata - 700059
Phone:(033) 66348433B/8
Dr. Jibak Mukherjee
20, Beipin Pal Road
19, Nakuleswar Bhattacharjee Lane
Kolkata 700026
Phone 24634646/9830053605
12noon-8pm (Mon to Friday)
12noon-5pm (Saturday)
Sunday Closed

Mr.Tarapada Kar
E. M. By Pass Polyclinic4/1 V.I.P Nagar, Kolkata 700100.

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Orthopedic doctors in Kolkata

Dr. Anjan Pan
Harlem Point, AMRI, Salt Lake
CC11, Salt Lake City, Sech Bhawan,
Kolkata - 700091
Phone: 2334-8773

Dr. Arindam Ganguly
155, Lake Town,
Kolkata - 700089

Dr. Abhijit Kanungo
40/1, Tangra Road, Tangra,
Kolkata - 700015
Dr. Ashim Kumar Saha
P - 69, Kabi Bharati sarani, Lansdowne,
Kolkata - 700029
Phone: 2466-7358
Dr. Biswanth Chakraborty
29, Naresh Mitra sarani, Bhowanipore,
Kolkata - 700025
Phone: 2475-6877/9831080879
Dr. Biplab Acharya
K/224, B G Patuli Township, Garia,
Kolkata - 700084
Phone: 2462-8140/98320991216
Dr. B K Dutta
12, Loudon Street,
Kolkata - 700017
Dr. Chandra Sekhar Kundu
(Suraksha, Kestopur)
DL223C, Salt Lake City, Sech Bhawan,
Kolkata - 700091
Phone: 2321-7310
Dr. D Samaddar
DB - 12/123, Sector - 1, Salt Lake City, Kolkat - 700064
Phone: 2321-9353/23219353
Dr. Deb Kumar Mukherjee
6C, Panditiya Place, Lansdowne, Kolkata - 700029
Phone: 2474-7434/22823573/9831285591
Dr. Debashis Chattpadhyay
2, Motilal Coloney, Rahbari Coloney, Kolkata - 700081
Phone: 2512-9776
Dr. Dilip Kumar Bhattacharyya
42, Matilal Nehru Road, Lansdowne, Kolkata - 700029
Phone: 2475-4451/24740356
Dr. Debabrata Bhattacharyya
P - 139 D, CIT Road, Sealdah, Kolkata - 700014

Dr. Dilip Kumar Mazumdar
P728, New Alipore, Kolkata - 700053
Phone: 2400-1213/9831197244

Dr. Dilip Kumar Mukherjee
88B, Hazra Road, Kolkata 700026
Dr. Dulal Chandra Saha
45/8D Manik Bandyopadhyay Sarani,Regent Park, Kolkata - 700040
Dr. Durga Pada Bakshi
DA3, Sec I, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700064
Dr. S R Mitra
16B, Dr. Sundari Mohan Avenue, Entally, Kolkat - 700014
Dr. Hemen Kumar Deb
91, PC Sorkar Sarani, Ballygunge, Kolkata - 700019
Dr. Indrajit Sardar
Nightangle Diagonistic, Theatre Road, Kolkata - 700016
Dr. Jyoti Ranjan Banik
DD10, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700064
Dr. Jamunesh Chatterjee
CD 11, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700064
Dr. Kalyan Mukherjee
12A, Mandeville Garden Road, Ballygunje, Kolkata - 700019
Dr. Kedar Banerjee
5, Nabin Kundu Lane, Armharst Street, Kolkata - 700009
Dr. Kunal Sengupta
DB/74, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700064
Dr. Kaushik Chakraborty
212, Rishi Bankim Chandra Road, Dumdum, Kolkata - 700028
Phone:2551-2355 (6-8pm)
Dr. Krishnendu Mukherjee
26, Abhedananda Road, Shovabazar, Kolkata - 700006
Dr. Kanchan Mondal
291, Salt Lake City, Sech Bhawan, Kolkata - 700091
Phone:2358-2194/ 9830333543
Dr. Mohit Kanti Sen
91/21C, Tollygunge Road, Tollygunge, Kolkata - 700033
Dr. M.S. Ghosh
Thu & Saturday 3pm-6pm
Kothary Medical
8/3 Alipore Road, Kolkata - 700027
Dr. Mitava Narayan Mukherjee
DA4/4 415 Sashtri Bagan, Baguihati, Kolkata - 700059
Dr. Michael Hira
29R, Dharmatala Road, Kasba, Kolkata - 700092
Dr. Nirmalya Tagore
234/2, APC Road, Shyambazar, Kolkata - 700004
30, Nivedita Lane bagbazaar (11 to 12noon)
Dr. Sunil Taghore
JMD Medicare, Phulbagan, P336 CIT Road, Kokata - 700054
Dr. Samir Mitra
CIT Road, Kankurgachhi, Kolkata - 700054

1) Prof. M.S. Ghosh - FRCS (Edin), M.Ch (Orth), (L-POOL) FRCS (Eng), FIAS.
2) Dr. Kanchan Bhattacharya - MS, D(Orth), DNB (Orth), MNAMS.
3) Dr. Sanjay Bagchi - MS (Orth)
4) Dr. Subhasish Deb - MBBS, FRCS.
Contact  nos.

General Surgeon
Dr. Dasius R. Ankelsaria
Phone: 9831005600

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Oncologist - Doctors in Kolkata
Dr Gautam Mukhopadhyay MS(TMH,Mumbai),Consultant surgical oncologist.
Ex surgeon Tata Memorial Hospital,Mumbai.Director,Bengal oncology Centre,Head,Deptt. of Surgical Oncology,
Ruby General Hospital,Kolkata.
172,Motilal Nehru Road,(behind Deshapriya Park) Kolkata-700029. /
Ph-9831015237/98313 69422
Dr Shaikat Gupta
MS,FRCS,Head,Deptt of Surgical Oncology.Apollo Gleneagles. Cancer Hospital,Kolkata.
Cell 9831175819
For appointment contact-
Mr Ramjiban Chatterjee 9831035904/9903279988
Dr. Jaydeep Biswas
EE174A/2, Salt Lake City, Sech Bhawan,
Kolkata - 700091
Phone: 2321-9878

Dr. Shankar Kumar Nath
10, Durga Charan Doctor Road, Sealdah, Kolkata - 700014
Phone: 2244-7318

Dr. Kalyan Bhattacharyya
3/4, Golf Green Urban Complex, Lake gardens, Kolkata - 700045
Phone: 2473-7949/9831718435

Dr. Subir Ganguly
Garia, Kolkata - 700084
Phone: 2462-5518

Dr. Rabindra Nath Brahmachari
AB74, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700064
Phone: 2334-8950

Dr. Aditya Narayan Sen
Game Diagnostic Centre
Phone: 9830166298

Dr. Ranen Kanti Aich
Agarpara, Sodepur, Kolkata - 700110
Phone: 2553-7833

Dr. Sujit Goswami
255, NSC Bose Road, naktala, Kolkata - 700047
Phone: 2421-5022

Dr. Saroj Gupta
67 Lenin Sarani, IMA Building,  Kolkata - 700013
Phone: 2245-0165

Dr. Sujit Kumar Chakraborty
100, Satin Sen Sarani, Kankurgachhi, Kolkata - 700054
Phone: 2355-0435

Dr. Sekhar Nath Mullick
50A, Muktaram Babu Street, Barabazar, Kolkata - 700007
Phone: 2269-0761


Medicine- Doctors in Kolkata
Name Phone
Dr. Bibhuti Saha 25469060/9831296071
Dr. Santanu Chatterjee 24553578/9830166740
Dr. Subhasis Guha 9831234802
Dr. Utpal Chatterjee 9830814598
Dr. Subrata maitra 9831072162
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