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"We are Abobe Sixty" : A Facebook Group for Seniors Celebrates its 1st Anniversary with 2700+ Members

As we celebrate the spirit of senior living  at our site, a group of super enthusiastic (aged 60+) youths also celebrated the same in their own way. Their common platform for sharing their joy, happiness or just common cause on social media platform Facebook “WASS’ ( We Are Above Sixty), a Facebook closed group where you can request membership celebrated its 1st anniversary with close to 2700 members. We are glad to congratulate their super success and wish them all the very best.

We are sharing their stories with their founder member Sudip Roy’s voice (mentioning his post):

Dear All,
It seems as if it was just the other day … yes … it seems it was just yesterday that it all started. But to be precise, it was this day last year when in a lonely afternoon the idea of creating a facebook group for senior citizens came to my mind. That’s how ‘we’re above 60’s’ started. The idea was to form a group with likeminded senior citizens who have quality time at their disposal but not enough friends around to empty their hearts. Yes though we have a loving family, understanding neighbors and a few close friends, we can not really open out honestly to anybody and everybody. You therefore feel a void. On that afternoon, it just occurred to me that a group of senior citizen with identical maturity level will probably be a good option for speaking out and unwind. Today on the first anniversary day of WAAS ( as we call the group now a days ), we are a big family of over 2700 friends spreading over the whole of the country including a few overseas. Here is a space where we come to our convenience, express ourselves non challently, chat, argue and refresh. It has really become the ‘third space’ of our life beyond home and business. We may be having different opinions, but one thing is certain that we all love our group, love each other’s company and respect. Imagine the vast reach of our bondage today. I could never imagine that at this age we could go out for overnight trips sans our wives. We had been at Gadiara, at Parmadan and are set to explore early Taki next month and Bagnan the month after. All these activities have surely helped us to come close to each other and live on our own terms in the society and that’s where we have found a new meaning to our very existance. 

We have survived one year, but the question that often comes to mind is ‘then what’ ? Can we go beyond our chats / get-togethers and do something more meaningful ? Perhaps yes … we have many things to give back to the Society which had given us the space to live. 

When we meet this evening, let us also discuss how we can now contribute to make the world a bit better for many.

And of course a big thanks to all of you to have made this space a place worth occupying. Let’s celebrate modestly this evening.

-That was so nice! Wasn’t it? We wish you many more milestone Mr. Roy and Team.

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