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Grow a Hobby

Hobbies have a mind body connection, they are important activities for senior citizens and are an important part of healthy aging. Active seniors are proof that you can enjoy better health and have fun doing it.

Research studies have shown that leisure time and physical activity promote a healthier lifestyle. Our bodies are meant to be active and move. Many, as they age, tend to become increasingly inactive, preferring to watch TV to help pass the time away. Finding fun activities for senior citizens can change that.

Some good activities for senior citizens

Active seniors are involved and participate in what life has to offer. Hobbies give an individual a reason to get out and share with others. Whether it is painting, building model airplanes or playing cards the benefits of a hobby can be an increase your chances for improved physical, social and emotional well being.

It is important to have regular leisure time physical activity. Anything that promotes moving and being active will benefit you as you age. The health benefits of staying active are a delay or prevention of a chronic disease such as: heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and arthritis. Physical activity also promotes brain fitness. This can help delay or prevent dementia or Alzheimer's.

Participating in a variety of hobbies helps many cope with the stressors of life. How you react and respond to different situations in life affects your health. Stress and anxiety can lead to poor health. Active seniors are involved and lead a more balanced life.

Hobbies allow active seniors to socialize, find companionship and camaraderie. Making connections with others that have the same interests can often open an individual to new found friendships.

Many individuals that participate in similar hobbies find themselves with other individuals that have similar situations and experiences in life. As we age, we experience losses that affect our emotional health. Active seniors that are involved in hobbies have a pool of other individuals that they can draw emotional support and comfort. There are times when they can also learn from shared experiences. Sharing our feelings with others is a way to connect with others as well as relieve the stress and anxiety we may be feeling.

More Hobbies and the Mind Body Connection: How Active Seniors are Having Fun and Enjoying Better
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Hobbies as activities for senior citizens are a way to calm their minds and relax. It is a way to belong, have something to look forward to doing.

For many, their hobbies are a tool that releases stress and helps bring their emotions back into balance again. It is a time when we get an attitude adjustment and feel right with the world again.

Leisure time physical activity is important to healthy aging. Moving our bodies and using our minds affect how we age. The mind body connection benefits of participating in hobbies are improved mental clarity, enhanced immune system, improved self esteem and self confidence.

Hobbies are a way to have fun, enjoy and stay regularly involved in leisure time physical activity. Consistency and regular involvement is the key to maintaining healthy aging.

Having a variety of hobbies during the week can keep an individual busy, interested and involved. Participating in a hobby with a group can be motivating. Knowing that the expectations of others are anticipating your participation in the day's activity may give one the boost to go when they feel down. Even to know that you have others that depend on you to be there, may give you an extra boost to participate when you don't feel like it. Feeling a sense of commitment to others, a sense of belonging is important to healthy aging.

Hobbies give many a sense of connection to others, when there are no other connections in an individual's life. Connections to others, a sense of belonging, a sense of community gives many active seniors the reason to participate in life to their fullest ability.

Hobbies are a way for many to stay physically and mentally stimulated. Trying new things, meeting new people and sharing your knowledge, experience and sometimes your creative side with others can keep an active senior challenged mentally, as well as, physically.

Hobbies are a safe way to get out and meet people with like minded interests. It is a great ice breaker to meeting new people and a way to stay active, no matter how old you get to be.

Any activity that gets an aging senior moving and involved with others is a step towards healthy aging. It is important to get busy and stay active. Take up dancing, gardening; join a walking club or travel.

Hobbies have a mind body connection. Active seniors are having fun and enjoying better health as they regularly participate in things they enjoy. It is never too late to start enjoying yourself now. Take time to find your own activities for senior citizens to help your loved ones and yourselves.

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