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Precautions to avoid heat stroke

The mercury touched a record of 41.8 degrees Celsius in Kolkata in April and weathermen predicated that it’s going to be scorcher this summer. Doctors attribute this to more awareness, but they have warned children, the elderly, and patients of heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes to take adequate precautions, and consult their doctors for guidance.

People with symptoms like muscle cramps, high fever, decreased urine output, border line cases of kidney failure as well as elderly individuals are candidates for heat related complications.

Professor and head of medicine department at the Indira Gandhi Government Medical College Dr PP Joshi told that people working in open sun, like laborers, are extremely prone to heat stroke and must be very careful.
"Heat gets accumulated in people who do not sweat and hence the body temperature could reach 105-106 degrees. They land up with severe dehydration, disorientation, seizures and multiple organ failures including liver, kidney etc. In very high grade fever the body temperature should not be measured orally. Rectal temperature is the right indication of body temperature in such situations," he said.

Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Heat Stroke

Urinary pain and burning with reduced urine output

Headache, altered consciousness or disorientation, forgetfulness, giddiness, seizures

Dryness of mouth, muscle cramps, high fever, high pulse

Symptoms of diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery and chickenpox

General Precautions

Both children and elderly are prone to heat effect, so avoid all direct exposure to sun

Children, if taken out for an emergency, should have clothes completely covering the body

Everyone should cover head, nose and ears, and wear cotton, white, loose fitting and light colour clothes

Do not eat out or drink roadside lemon or sugarcane juice

Drink enough fluids, water, lemon juice with salt and sugar, panna, butter milk, coconut water etc

Take frequent baths or showers

Avoid temperature fluctuations, do not move between office/home and outside

Precautions For Heart, Hypertension And Diabetic Patients

Consult physician at least once in summer

Keep watch on vital parameters like pulse, temperature and urine output

Patients on diuretic drugs must consult doctor

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