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Love Being a Grandparent

Every day thousands of people around the world hit the age of 65 and start the road of living as a senior citizen. This important group of people have unique concerns when it comes to family. Let our experts help the golden ages truly stay golden with this guide to families and senior citizens.

The difference between being a mother and a grandmother is like the difference between marriage and a love affair, says Eva Figes

Today we will focus on how you can enjoy your time with family as a grandparent.

Being a grandparent is an amazing experience unlike any other. The child of your child is a unique person in your life. Here are some tips to keep in mind so you can enjoy it while minimizing hassles.

1.Take time to reflect on the way life renews itself. Now there is a new generation in your family!

2.Decide how active you can and want to be in the care of your grandchild. Take into account your own life and work situation and the needs of the child's parents. Be honest with yourself about what you can do. Then communicate that to the parents as clearly and effectively as you can.

3.Discuss the visiting rules with the child's parents. Find out their expectations about snacks, TV, bedtime, language and household responsibilities. Often grandchildren can get some slack at their grandparents' homes, but make sure your rules are still within the norms set by the parents.

4.Remember that grandchildren are children (until they are adults). Children are learning how to live in the world and will test your limits. Be firm but kind. Instead of setting punishments, try to have the consequences of negative behavior determine the outcome.

5.Enjoy being with your grandchildren! Find activities that you both like. They love to hear stories about when their parents were small.

6.Let your grandchildren know you love them; listen non-judgmentally. Your love can make an extraordinary contribution to your grandchild's life.

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