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Mobile Phones Specially Made for Senior Citizens
For elderly people, using a normal mobile phone is quite a task in itself. Here we have chosen the best phones for the elderly.

With age our eyesight and hearing power weaken. For old people, using a normal mobile phone is quite a task in itself. So rather than let the elderly struggle with cell phones, here we are trying to identify some mobile phones that are specifically designed for them and available in India.

iBall Aasan
The iBall Aasan might look like a funny little mobile phone but for senior people it is nothing short of a boon. Its extra large back-lit keys and large but simple display are very easy on the eye.
The design of this phone is such that it fits easily in the palm and does not cause any discomfort while holding. The shortcut keys are placed on the side for easy access and include buttons for torch and wireless FM radio.
The phone features a loudspeaker and the earpiece is tuned at a louder volume as compared to most other mobile phones. One of the remarkable features of this device is its SOS feature. This emergency feature allows the user to send a pre-recorded emergency message to five preset numbers at the touch of a button. After that the phone calls the numbers one after another until a call is answered, if not the phone repeats the loop three times.

For more information and ordering, click Here:

For more information and ordering, click Here:

Senior Citizen Phone - Rugged, SOS Alert Button, Quad Band GSM, Bluetooth

Senior citizens need three things from their phone. Simple functions and interface, large easy to see and easy to press buttons as well as a phone that they can drop, spill tea on or even drop it down the toilet! This special needs adapted phone gives someone who needs the added simplicity of using a phone all of the above and much more.

With a rugged fall protection and waterproof design, this phone is so simple to use and features a great many other specs that are sure to please.

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