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Experience the presence of God around you

When people go to places of worship do they find God really existing there? Is God an entity or a presence? Is God a concept or an experience?

By Swami Sukhabodhananda

It is only through the heart one can experience God. The heart of education is the education of the heart. Heart does not mean the beating heart but where love resides. Love is the channel to God.

There are essential and unessential emotions. The most essential emotion is love, whereas emotions like anger and jealousy are unessential. One should let go these emotions and let in love. Love is the transcendence of ego and greed. Unintelligent life gives you ego and greed whereas living wisely gives you love. Love is a deep harmony.

Let love become your prayer and let meditative prayer become your true religion.

The meditation should be focusing on:

  • Whatever you do let it reach your heart and let your heart reach your action.
  • When you are taking a bath, feel the water that you are pouring reach your heart and your heart is filling with love.
  • When you are typing, feel the pressure of each keystroke reach your heart and heart transmitting love to your fingers, which are typing.
  • When you are eating, feel the food going to your heart and the love from your heart is filling the food.
  • When you are touch someone, feel the touch reach your heart and the heart filling the other person through your touch.

When you practice these you are practicing love, which is the door to God. The mind is always focusing on the future and your planning... but love lives in the present and feels the present.

Article Courtesy: Times Wellness
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