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SBI's home delivery of pension initiative to become national depending upon its response in Bengal

Many pensioners above the age of 75 are going to welcome a change that would no longer require them to make a monthly visit to their bank and stand in the never ending queue to draw their pension. The State Bank Of India has made things convenient for all the over 75 years of age pensioners — by delivering their monthly earnings at their doorsteps.

SBI, one of the country's leading banks, will begin this pilot project from April 1 in Kolkata. All other public sector banks would join in if SBI becomes successful. This would help so many other aged and afflicted pensioners all over the country to gain from this initiative.

SBI 75Plus

Close to 32,000 pensioners in Kolkata who are above 75 years of age and hold a pension account with SBI would become eligible to opt for this service from April 01, 2014. 

When the plan was in the conception stages it was found that there are quite many pensioners who stay alone. Which is why, it is really difficult for them to withdraw the pension. The scenario is becoming rampant in various parts of the country. The response from Kolkata is going to decide whether or not it will be initialized in rest of the country.

There are over five lakh pensioners aged 75 years or more in India, for SBI alone. There are more than 36 lakh pensioners who are with SBI. The count of pensioners in Bengal who are SBI account holders is 2.39 lakh.  Approximately, 14% of them are in the 75+ age bracket. 

A helpline number 9674711102 is published by SBI for enrolling into the scheme. Post the enrollment, the bank will issue two photo identity cards for the pensioners. One will be with the customer and the other with the branch. The identity cards will be exchanged on delivering the pension. It will act as a safety check for the whole process. The pension will be delivered by SBI's own employees. The special service shall cost Rs.50 per transaction. Maximum limit of this service will be equal to one month's pension.

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