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Shoulder pain

Most of us know people who are or are afflicted by that niggling pain in the shoulder at some point. Watch out for these myths

By Dr Parul R Sheth

Myth: Slouching is a habit that has no health consequences.

Fact: Bad posture can cause trouble. When you slouch your head comes forward along with your shoulders. And this can give rise to shoulder pain in addition to headache, jaw pain and back pain.

Myth: Shoulder pain may not be because of working on a computer all day long.
Fact:  Sitting in front of the computer makes you to jut your neck and hunch your shoulders. If you are not sitting right you may end up with shoulder, back and neck pain. Correct your posture while at work and preferably use ergonomically designed chairs.


Myth: Left shoulder pain is a hallmark of heart disease.

Fact:  Shoulder pain can occur because of many other causes such as sitting on the computer a lot or bad posture etc. Shoulder pain accompanied with pain in the arm and other symptoms such as shortness of breath, feeling of uneasiness, pain in the mandibles, excessive sweating or tightness in the chest etc, you need to seek immediate medical advice.

Myth: Shock-wave therapy is very effective for shoulder pain.

Fact:  Physiotherapy including shockwave treatment, ultrasound, exercises and acupuncture, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and steroid injections are common treatments for shoulder pain. Contrary to the belief that shockwave treatment is very effective, supervised exercises are more effective for relieving chronic shoulder pain.

Myth: Total surgical replacement of arthritic shoulder joints is risky.

Fact:  Total shoulder replacement carries no greater risk of complications than replacement of other major joints like knee and hips.

Article Courtesy: Times Wellness

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