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Stay fit. Stay Tension free.

With the passing years every individual has to face one of the most known and irreversible fact of life, "the old age."Every part of the human body gets weaker at this age which results in pain and irritation. Apart from the fact that the old age is considered as one of the most neglected age which succumb loneliness and pain, it brings a great deal of threats and health disorders. The various health issues hindering the health of old people includes hypertension, cardiac problems, diabetes, joint pains, kidney infections, and cancer, tuberculosis and eye problems. Senior citizens normally require prolonged treatments to cure their health disorders.

Simple measures to Stay fit

The best measure to avoid such problems is staying fit. In order to stay fit a person should take simple precautions like taking stairs instead of elevators, avoiding cars for smaller distances, attempt walking there. You can also have a walk around in the mall, walking is regarded as the best exercise. You can also exercise at home through the exercise DVDs and videos which are accessible on net or TV. These are the simple steps to stay fit

Opting for exercises

You can get yourself enrolled in health clubs, aerobics or yoga classes which are specifically for senior citizens. Getting a group of friends for the exercise makes you keener for it. The factors like laziness and tiredness have no opportunity when the entire group of senior citizens opts for the exercises.  You can also enroll for certain dancing classes that help you increase your flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Swimming is the best exercise that provides all round fitness to your body, thus opt for swimming, if you don't know swimming enroll for some swimming classes.

While exercising

While exercising warm-up is very important, stretching your body helps to relax your muscles and gets them ready for exercise. This process avoids injuries. Always make a proper exercise goal for yourself. For instance: - Commit to yourself that you would exercise 2 hours a day and complete your commitment. Let the cardiovascular activities like walking, jogging or running be the part of your exercise, it makes you stay fit. Let this be part of your daily routine.

Special Care

Take special care while walking at this age. Wear rubber grip shoes that avoid slipping and falling. Using sunscreen will avoid skin infections and rashes. Drinking proportionate amount of water is highly important, it keeps you hydrated and healthy, it is very helpful for the people with diabetics.


Diet is of prime importance at this age. Always have nutrient rich food like whole grains, lean protein, low-fat or non-fat dairy, healthy fats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables; fiber rich food like whole grain, breads, cereals, beans, fruits and vegetables. It helps you keep your weight in control and avoids heart disease and diabetes. In order to raise the calcium that in turn reinforces the bones always opt for low fat milk or yogurt in your daily diet. Overeating is basically one disorder caused to most of the senior citizens, avoid it. Even if hungry eat every 4 hours. You should always have a balance diet in your food.  Avoid unhealthy fats like bacon, butter, cream and cheese while include healthy fats like nuts, seeds, or avocado to salads, yogurt, or cereal in the diet. Avoid calorie food and drink as much water as possible. Water is always healthy for everyone.

The life of the senior citizens can be equally tension free and healthy with certain steps of care. Despite of the fact that the old age is irreversible you can enjoy it equally like the young age with just certain precautionary measures.

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