The Second Innings - An initiative to help and support senior citizens
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Calling All the like Minded People to Volunteer

We are accepting your nominations for volunteer. If you are interested, please feel free to mail us with your details like Name, Age, Address, Occupation and a brief about why you want to join this initiative ( in 2-3 lines).

How can you help us?
You can help us supporting our initiatives like being part of the website update team, writing interesting articles, getting us help contacting people, meeting us on a regular basis and share our ideas, meet new fellow team members and help them live a better life.

Is there any membership fees applicable?
No. Although we need sufficient amount of money for maintenance of this website, you can donate personally or behalf of your company, but there are no compulsion. This is a complete non-profit organization.

Is it possible to support from home?
Absolutely. Your support matters a lot. Also, you can share or write interesting articles that we will feature on this site.

Who are the team behind this website and concept?
This is an initiative started by Mr. Pradeepta Bhattacharyya and supported by other team members. To see his message (Message from the Convenor's Desk), click here.

Is it registeer under a non-profit body?
The is registered under Indian Trust Act, 1882 as a Non-Profit Organization. Trust Deed No. 08635 of 2013. Date of Registration 11.12.2013 

Address and Details:
The Second Innings
6, Waterloo Street, Kolkata 700 001
Phone: +91 98365 72161 / 91633 93703

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