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Take precautions, enjoy winter

Opening your window early in the morning to find mist covered buildings, trees and garden is sure to cast a spell and lift your spirits for the day.

As winter is already knocking on the door and temperature has already strated dropping in the early hours of the day, we present you some precautions to have a warmer and happy winter.

A  chill spreading slowly through your body on the wee hours despite a warm blanket covering you indicates that winter has arrived for the year.

Opening the window to find a thick layer of mist covering the vacant space in front of your house or the garden and sometimes even the nearest building vanishing is sure to cast a spell. If you have the luxury of having a leisurely cup of a steaming coffee and if it is a Sunday, you are blessed!

Winter is the season that is a hot favourite for a majority of the people as it is usually linked with romance and holidays as one has Christmas and New Year season for celebration. It is also the time to bring out woollens and other warm clothing to protect oneself from the chill breeze once you step out of the house.

But winter, as cool as it seem, also is a period when there are rising cases of fever, flu and other cold related problems — followed by umpteen number of visits to physicians. Hence, wearing warm clothes is a necessity to insulate one’s body from the cold outside.

Wool is a very good insulator, it can absorb moisture without becoming really wet and is fairly inexpensive. But a great disadvantage is that it tends to be very itchy and many people are allergic to it. Fleece fabrics are good insulators but are not very resistant to cold wind, so they invariably have to be used in combination with other layers.

Morning walkers and those who reach home late are advised to cover their bodies with warm clothing to prevent from catching cold or flu. 

Covering your head and ears is important during the season as cases of facial paralysis have been reported in hospitals as cold wind currents can damage facial muscles, which has to be treated immediately, according to experts.

Avoiding cold drinks, juices and ice creams would help you enjoy the season. As far as possible, it is good to consume freshly prepared food than those stored in refrigerator for a long time. 

Taking care of the skin becomes important as dryness of skin is a common problem during winter. Applying moisturizer or a cold cream before going to bed is a must as it takes care of the skin while you have your sweet sleep.

Following some simple methods and home remedies can keep your skin soft and supple for the rest of the winter.

Dr Adisesha, an ayurvedic practitioner, told City Herald, “one should take cover the parts which are directly accessible to wind like upper lip, face and neck while travelling.”

He advised not to scrub vigorously while bathing as it may cause harm to the skin as soaps available in the market have drying effect on the skin.

Application of coconut oil before taking bath is very effective in managing dryness of the skin.

Those with very sensitive skin, prone to allergies caused by woollen garments, should take precaution by wearing a pull over before wearing woollen garments, he advised.

One should take care not to get mesmerised by various beauty products. They should use only those products to which they are used to. They should test any new product before using.

A simple home remedy: Make a paste of rice powder and apply it over the body and leave it for 20 minutes before taking bath. 

Later, apply a thin coat of coconut oil to have smooth skin this winter.

Article Courtesy: The Deccan Herald

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