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Yoga for osteoporosis

Yoga guru Surakshit Goswami, shares 4 yoga positions beneficial for countering osteoporosis

By Surakshit Goswami

There are no specific symptoms that announce the onset of osteoporosis. However, some of the common signs are frequent bouts of shooting pain in the back (especially around the spine), a gradual stooping of posture or reduction in height and even reduced mobility.

Don’t wait for this critical stage. Start these simple exercises now to fight osteoporosis.

Kapalbhati Kriya

  1. Sit down in sukhasana with your neck straight
  2. Place both hands in gyan mudra with your eyes closed
  3. Exhale forcefully through both the nostrils, simultaneously by pulling your stomach in
  4. Don’t make any effort to inhale
  5. Repeat this about 40–50 times or till you are tired
  6. Keep your body still during this kriya.

Benefits: Effective in reducing obesity, eliminates toxins and combats osteoporosis. 
Caution: If you suffer from any heart disease, blood pressure or hernia then breathe out slowly.


  1. Stand erect with your heels together and both your hands on your chest, with the fingers interlocked
  2. Now outstretch your arms in front of your chest and slowly raise them while inhaling
  3. Raise your heels, stand on the tip of your toes and stretch your entire body upwards
  4. Breathe normally
  5. Stay in this position for as long as you can and then relax.

Benefits: Strengthens the spine, ankles, abdomen, shoulders and arms. 


  1. Stand erect, with your feet about a foot apart
  2. Put both hands behind you, keeping the fingers interlocked
  3. Inhale and bend your neck and waist backwards, according to your flexibility
  4. Keep stretching your hands downwards
  5. Breathe normally and hold this position as long as you can
  6. Return to the base position
  7. You can do this asana two to three times a day.

Benefits: Strengthens the spine, enhances flexibility and counters aches caused by back problems.

Kati Chakrasana

  1. Lie on your back
  2. Fold your legs at the knee and let your heels touch your hips
  3. Outstretch your arms to shoulder level
  4. Keeping your torso steady, twist both legs to the left while turning your face to the right
  5. Inhale and return to the base position
  6. Repeat for the other side to complete one round
  7. Repeat this asana 6–8 times.

Benefits: Activates the entire digestive system and counters aches caused by slip disc, sciatica and other back problems.

Article Courtesy: Times Wellness

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