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The Legend : Kishore Kumar

Woh Meri Taraf Yun Chale Aa Rahe Hain is one of the rhapsodies from the golden age of Hindi film industry that featured top actors of the time. The melody of the song continues to haunt music lovers even today.

Kishore Kumar once said in one of his interviews, that he has worked under every possible music director of his generation. One of his famous songs was from the film Kafila released in 1952 – Woh Meri Taraf Yun Chale Aa Rahe Hain.

In this case we have Pandits Husnlal and Bhagatram composing a pleasing tune for him. Kishore Kumar sang this song in a controlled fashion. This was quite typical in the early period of his singing. What is so interesting about this song from the earlier period is the bass and a sort of ringing effect apart from of course the natural magnificent voice. This effect could be observed in all the male singers of that time. The lyrics are simple yet artful. This aspect of the song also catches ones attention while listening. This film had several excellent songs. The lyrics by Brajendra Gaud and Qamar Jalalabadi are out of the ordinary. In the film Kishore sang a brilliant duet with Lata which was also penned by Brajendra Gaud. It was called “Leharon se puch lo“.

This song “Woh Meri Taraf Yun Chale Aa Rahe Hain.” conveys the feelings of the hero in the film when he sees his lady love coming towards him. He says that she is coming towards him in such a way that his feelings for her are growing with every heart beat.
When he looked at her, she shyly lowered her gaze. He wonders why she is feeling shy, is it because she is in love with him? He feels that now their eyes have met, their hearts will also meet. He compares this with the blooming of buds into flowers and the messages their breaths are conveying. He sings that since he saw her he feels a joy in his heart, but is also frightened due to the sudden change in his feelings, and wonders whether he will be able to control his emotions.

The combination of these wonderful lyrics with the eternal voice of the great Kishore Kumar takes the song to another level. Today the multi-talented Kishore da is not with us anymore but he remains with us in the form of his songs and continues to inspire new singers. He remains a major contributor to Hindi film music having sung songs of all types for all situations in films. His voice was unique and very versatile and no one has been able to match his yodeling till date.

The talented music composers of this superb song Husnlal and Bhagatram were responsible for producing many memorable songs in the golden age of Hindi films. But during their last days they had to work as instrument players in Laxmikant and Pyarelal’s orchestra. It was a terrible change of events for them.

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